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Check Out Our Latest Video About Drain Cleaning in Lake Worth, FL

Able Plumbing is always looking for ways to improve our customer service and better provide plumbing services in Lake Worth, FL. One way we’ve improved our customer service is with an improved presence on social media and Youtube. Follow Able Plumbing on Facebook and Twitter and check out our Youtube Channel for more information about […]

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Get your Drain Cleaned by the Best in Lake Worth!

Plumbing isn’t always a glamorous job. Well, it’s actually very rarely a glamorous job, but plumbers provide a necessary service to the people which can’t be overstated. From new construction in Lake Worth to installing a new water heater and everything in between, Able Plumbing is your full service company for plumbing in Palm Beach County. One […]

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The Top Five Reasons to Choose Able Plumbing!

Since 1980, Able Plumbing has been the go to plumbing expert in Lake Worth. Able plumbing is family owned and operated business and has plenty of experience in a variety of different plumbing specialties. The competent, qualified plumbers at Able can handle any job large or small and will always let you know the problem […]

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Able is Your Source for New Construction in Lake Worth, FL

When most people think of a plumber in Lake Worth, FL, they don’t think of someone who can offer full service remodeling work and new construction. Plumbers get kind of a bad rap for being overweight, relatively dumb, slow and expensive. Since the beginning, Able Plumbing has set out to change the preconceived notions about […]

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Avoid a Nightmare; Get Professional Plumbing in Lake Worth

Drain complications can occur at any point and they immediately make life a pain. Drains are tricky because they are tough to get too. A professional plumber in Lake Worth, FL like those at Able Plumbing has all the tools and expertise to get your drain situation figured out quickly and easily. Don’t try to […]

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Call a Plumber to Fix Your Garbage Disposal

For the most part, garbage disposals are durable little machines. They sit underneath our sinks and always turn on when we need it. Taking care of a garbage disposal isn’t really a time consuming process, rather it just takes some common sense to keep your garbage disposal working properly. If you do end up having […]

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Follow Able Plumbing on Social Media!

Able Plumbing is a full service residential and commercial plumber located in Lake Worth, FL. If you’re looking for a plumber with a reputation for amazing customer service and expert craftsmanship, then look no further than the professionals at Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL.Able Plumbing specializes in: Emergency plumbing Drain cleaning Water heater repair/installation […]

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A Plumber Can Handle New Construction

Most people don’t think of plumbers when they are thinking of new construction in Lake Worth, FL. However, most new construction on a bathroom or kitchen require the skills of an experienced plumber. A plumber is not just some kind of pipe-jockey who only knows how to stop a leak or clean out a u-bend. […]

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A New Water Heater Makes All the Difference

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you step in the shower only to find that the water is ice cold. If your home has an older model water heater that barely works, it may be time to bite the bullet and spring for a new one. Before you run out and […]

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What Can a Plumber Do?

Many people are too proud to call someone like a plumber in Lake Worth, FL when they have a leaky sink or a clogged drain. Most think that such problems are easily fixed, and in some cases that is true. However, sometimes a do it yourself project can go horribly wrong and the repairs end […]

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