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Get your Drain Cleaned by the Best in Lake Worth!

Plumbing isn’t always a glamorous job. Well, it’s actually very rarely a glamorous job, but plumbers provide a necessary service to the people which can’t be overstated. From new construction in Lake Worth to installing a new water heater and everything in between, Able Plumbing is your full service company for plumbing in Palm Beach County. One of the most valuable services provided by the expert plumbers at Able Plumbing is drain cleaning. It doesn’t matter what kind of drain it is; shower, kitchen sink, floor drains etc, Able Plumbing can get it clean once again.

Drain cleaning doesn’t seem all that hard, but trust us, we’ve seen some bad ones. Without the correct tools, the average person has no hope of tackling an extremely clogged drain on their own. Most people think a bottle of Drano and a few minutes of waiting can fix any clogged drain but that’s not always the case. At Able Plumbing, we generally disagree with dumping chemicals into the water supply, no matter how safe they claim to be. We prefer to put a little muscle into it so to speak and tackle a clogged drain the old fashioned, but far more effective way.
Plumbing emergencies in Lake Worth are our specialty so the next time your kitchen or bathroom is full of water from a leaky pipe or clogged drain, give one of our specializes plumbing technicians a call! We won’t charge you a ridiculous amount or take hours and hours to get the job done. We get in, get the job done and get out so you can get back to doing whatever it is you do! Nobody has all day to wait for a plumber so the professionals at Able Plumbing do everything possible to get their as soon as we can. You can trust the experts at Able Plumbing to get the job done right!

Take advantage of our Spooktacular Special and get $25 off any new water closet purchase and installation! What a deal! (Notice: a water closet is not a closet full of water, who would want that?)  

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