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Able Plumbing Offers Kitchen Plumbing in West Palm Beach, FL

Kitchen plumbing can be rather complicated, especially if you try to tackle that all on your own. There is a lot it entails. If there is only one sink and one dishwasher, all you will really need is one drain line and one pair of supply pipes. Other connections like an ice maker and a […]

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Plumbing that Goes with Bathroom Remodeling in Lake Worth, FL

When you have a new construction, you need to invest money in the plumbing. It’s very important because you need major appliances like the bath tub, kitchen sink, and dish washer to work. You want your toilet to flush properly and you want to have access to hot water. If you are considering to remodel […]

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Do Need a Plumber in West Palm Beach & Fast?

Sometimes we, as humans, tend to panic when things don’t go as we planned for them to. We make mistakes and our mistakes can costs us money. For example, if your treat your garbage disposal as a trash compactor, you can cause damage to your plumbing pipes and to the blade of the garbage disposal. […]

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Where Can I Get Professional Drain Cleaning In Lake Worth, FL?

The answer to the question presented in the title is Able Plumbing. Able Plumbing is a family owned and operated plumbing company located in Lake Worth, FL. Since 1980, this company has been helping Palm Beach County homes and businesses with their plumbing issues. One of Able Plumbing’s best areas of expertise is drain cleaning. […]

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Avoid Using Liquid Plumbing Products for Drain Cleaning

We’ve all done it. Sooner or later you’re going to experience a clogged drain in your house. The easiest thing to do is to buy one of countless liquid drain cleaning products available at stores throughout Lake Worth, FL. Depending on how severe the clog, these products can either work quickly to unclog the drain […]

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Get Your Toilet Repaired in Lake Worth, FL

Do you ever get tired of hearing your toilet run when it cannot flush properly? The constant water running sound can be so annoying. On top of the vicious noise, you are flustered with thoughts about how this toilet issue can affect your water bill. You think you know how to fix it, but you’re […]

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Remodel Your Bathroom or Kitchen with Help from Able Plumbing

Many people think of plumbers as burly men in overalls who simply fix clogged drains and toilets. But a plumber can do so much more—such as improving the look of your bathroom or kitchen. Most longtime homeowners in Palm Beach County have a home improvement project they’ve never gotten around to completing or even starting. […]

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How Much Does New Construction Cost?

Everybody is jumping on the home improvement bandwagon these days with so many unique options available for bathroom and kitchen remodeling projects. Re-doing a master bath or updating a kitchen may not seem like a big deal, but new construction in Lake Worth, FL can get pricey if you don’t plan ahead and work with an experienced […]

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Your Garbage Disposal in Palm Beach Isn’t Invincible

Calling a plumber in Palm Beach County is never high on someone’s to-do list, but life is all about dealing with the unexpected. There are all sorts of reasons why someone would need help with their plumbing in Palm Beach County but the most common include clogged drains, leaky pipes, broken water heaters and bathroom […]

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The New Year Means New Construction in Lake Worth

New Year’s resolutions are kind of funny because they can be something very small, like making sure you drink more water throughout the day. They can also be very large, like someone who says 2014 will be the year they buy a home. From those resolutions to everything in between, the New Year offers a […]

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