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Get Your Toilet Repaired in Lake Worth, FL
Do you ever get tired of hearing your toilet run when it cannot flush properly? The constant water running sound can be so annoying. On top of the vicious noise, you are flustered with thoughts about how this toilet issue can affect your water bill. You think you know how to fix it, but you’re just not 100% sure. So now you are thinking about hiring a plumber.

Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL is a residential and commercial plumbing company. Our services are available to all the cities in the Palm Beach County. Our plumbing services include kitchen plumbing, bathroom remodeling, plumbing repair, drain cleaning, and new construction plumbing. Our complete commercial bathroom repairs and replacement services include checking the flushometer water closet and flush valve, regardless of whether it is battery type or electronic. We also repair flushometer urinals and flush valves.

Currently, Able Plumbing has an Easter Special, which is buy one, get one free coupon. Now until April 30th of the month, when you buy one standard water closet flapper, you get one free of the same or lesser value. The flapper you purchase must be a minimum of at least $15 or more. The installation fee is additional. To utilize this coupon, you must print it from our website and then present it at the time of service.

So what exactly is a water closet flapper? It is the essential tool needed to fix the running of a dysfunctional toilet. It looks like a rubber plug with a chain attached to it. When you push down on the flush handle, the bar that is holding the chain and controls the movement of the water closet flapper goes up, allowing the water to drain out of the tank. After the flapper closes the hole, the toilet will fill up with more water.
As you can see, a water close flapper is a necessary device to have. Take advantage of this Easter Special. You never know when you will need to replace your old flapper. Therefore, having an extra one is always a good thing. Able Plumbing’s professional team will show you how the installment of a flapper works. They will make sure you understand how to fix it properly if something does happen to your toilet after the plumbers leave. Call us today!
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