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Emergency Plumbing Lake Worth, FL

Have you ever stepped into the shower only to find that the water is cold, or turned on the faucet and have no water come out due to frozen pipes? Imagine the dreaded water leak in your ceiling that began as a drip and is now flowing, or perhaps a pipe bursting and flooding your basement. It is time to step back, take a deep breath, and call Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL or West Palm Beach, FL who will send a qualified plumber to help you out.

It never fails that when you need emergency plumbing service it is at the most inconvenient time. It is good to know that these emergencies can be reduced because they happen most often in homes with poor plumbing maintenance. Able Plumbing can help you maintain your plumbing so that emergency plumbing calls are few.

An emergency in plumbing needs fixed now, not days later. Getting the work done right away and preventing further damage and risk to health, far outweighs the time it takes to get estimates and second opinions. Making Able Plumbing one of your first calls will help you recover quickly from the water damage and prevent further compromise to your home and family. We are available 24/7 for emergency plumbing service.

While you wait for the plumber to arrive and assist you in your plumbing emergency, you can control some of the damage yourself. First, immediately close the main shutoff valve if there is a burst pipe that is flooding your home or there is a constant flow of water from a wall or ceiling. The main shutoff valve is located either outside your home by your water meter or inside your home in the basement or beneath a floor access panel, sometimes in the floor of a closet. If you are turning off your main shutoff valve, be sure to also turn off your water heater or it may overheat. Turn off the gas supply and circuit breakers to the hot water heater, as well. If the emergency is localized to a specific fixture, turn off the water valve next to it.

As mentioned earlier, plumbing maintenance can save you from calling a plumber for emergency plumbing, but it can also save you money in the long run. Unfortunately, plumbing systems do need regular maintenance. Have your entire plumbing system inspected for signs of water and wear and tear, as well as make sure that everything is functioning properly. Fixing small problems know will avoid the headache from a plumbing emergency later.

If you live in Lake Worth, FL or West Palm Beach, FL, you will want to keep the Able Plumbing phone number nearby for emergency plumbing, or anytime you need a plumber. Our family owned and operated plumbing company has been doing business since 1980. High value is place on being honest, courteous, and reliable. All our work is guaranteed to 100% satisfaction.

When you need a plumber for emergency plumbing services, Able Plumbing will provide you with quick, courteous, and professional service.

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