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Get You Faucet Fixed with Affordable Plumbing in Palm Beach County

If you’ve ever had a leaky faucet, it can seem like Chinese water torture. No matter what you do, the water just won’t stop dripping. It may seem harmless at first, but all those drips add up and can cost you hundreds of dollars over the course of a year. Many people avoid calling the plumber because they either don’t really believe it’s a serious problem or because they don’t think they can afford one. However, the money you’re spending on plumbing in Palm Beach County could be less than a high water bill caused by plumbing problems.

There are several reasons why faucets drip. The most common include corrosion, the accumulation of mineral deposits on internal parts and defective gaskets. What may seem like a small problem can quickly turn into a major project. Rather than try to live with the problem or ignore it, the best thing to do is to get professional plumbing in Palm Beach County. The experts at Able Plumbing have been providing commercial and residential plumbing in Lake Worth, FL for more than three decades. Paying $200 to fix your faucet seems tame when compared to paying $1,000 for a plumbing replacement project.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency, Americans waste 10,000 gallons of water per home each year. To put that into proper perspective, that’s enough water to fill a swimming pool. Most leaks are caused by worn out toilet flappers, dripping faucets and leaking valves. Leaking faucets make up the largest portion. Fixing them can save as much as 10 percent on your water bill. If your faucet is dripping, here are the most common problems:

All of these problems can be corrected with help from the professionals at Able Plumbing. Not only do they have more than 30 years of experience providing high quality plumbing in Palm Beach County, all their plumbers are state certified, bonded and insured. In addition to residential and commercial plumbing in Lake Worth, FL, Able Plumbing is a licensed contractor and can provide new construction and bathroom remodeling in Lake Worth, FL. No job is too big or small. For reliable and affordable plumbing in Palm Beach County, call Able Plumbing today.
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