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Give Your Mom an Unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift with Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL

You probably ready the title of this blog and wondered, “How is a plumbing company going to help me get my mom an unforgettable Mother’s Day Gift?” Well, believe it or not, but a plumbing company can help you get a nice gift for your mom. Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL has a Mother’s Day Special. You can get 10% off any personal shower installation now until the end of May. It doesn’t seem like much, but it is.

The average time a person uses the bathroom per day is a total of thirty minutes. 15 minutes per day is used on hygiene like brushing one’s teeth, washing their face, taking a shower or bath, and any other hygienic activities. The other 15 minutes per day is used on actually using the facilities, which is either peeing or pooping. In a lifetime, that is about 210 minutes per week in the bathroom and 10,920 minutes per year. That’s a lot of time in the bathroom.
A shower head’s main purpose is to release water so that we can take a shower. There are multiple versions of shower heads. There are also a whole lot of variation settings to choose from to have the water released onto one’s body – Full Body spray, pulsating message, full body & massage spray, water saving trickle, and more.

This Mother’s Day give your mom a new personal shower. You can pick a shower head that comes in white, black, or silver. You can select a personal shower head that has numerous spray settings. You can get a shower that consist of multiple faucets and handles. Able Plumbing will do whatever it takes to give your mom a brand new personal shower, one that she will absolutely love. She will be surprised and captivated by your gift.

Installing a new personal shower is just one of the several other residential plumbing services Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL can provide you. The plumbers of Able Plumbing can also provide commercial plumbing. Whether you are considering some bathroom remodeling or kitchen plumbing of some sort, you can look to Able Plumbing for assistance. They have the knowledge and skills needed to give your mom a new and beautiful and functioning personal shower. Call Able Plumbing today to get a free quote.

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