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Need a Water Heater in Lake Worth?

There are few things more uncomfortable than a cold shower. But if your water heater isn’t working properly, it’s probably become an unwanted part of your daily routine. Water heaters are the most expensive piece of plumbing equipment in your home. You rarely notice it until it malfunctions.  But when it does, it can make your life miserable. If your water heater breaks down, don’t try to fix it yourself.  Call the professionals at Able Plumbing.

Water heaters aren’t complex devices. It’s really just a tank that can hold between 30 to 60 gallons with a cold water intake, a hot water outlet and a drain valve. They’re typically very reliable but occasionally do need repairs.  To get more hot water, the first step is to distinguish whether it’s a gas water heater or an electric unit. If you’re having trouble getting hot water from a gas unit, it’s usually because the pilot light has malfunctioned. A trained professional from Able Plumbing can quickly diagnose and fix the problem.  Make sure the tank isn’t leaking. Try flushing the tank to make sure mineral deposits aren’t impairing the unit’s efficiency. If your water heater is still not producing hot water, it’s because the dip tube is broken or cracked. The dip tube is made of plastic and directs cold water to bottom of the unit. If it breaks, cold water will infiltrate at the top of the tank and mix with the hot water. If the dip tube is the problem, either have it replaced or replace the entire water heater.

If you’re having trouble with your electric heater, it may be due to the interruption of power or with the controls of the heating element. Before attempting to repair an electric water heater, always turn off the power. Go to your fuse box and shut off the circuit to the water heater. At this point, you should always let a qualified technician make the necessary repairs.
In the meantime, there are three diagnostic tests you can perform until your technician arrives. First, make sure electricity is being sent to the unit. Check the circuit breaker and the main switch of the appliance. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset it. It’s important to remember the water heater should not share the same circuit with another appliance.
Secondly, examine the high-temperature cutoff in the appliance. Open the front panel and push the reset button. If you don’t hear a clicking sound, it’s usually because the high-temperature cutoff has malfunctioned.
The third test you can perform is to check for water inside the compartment. Leaking water can cause your thermostat to go bad. If water is completely leaking out of the unit, you’re going to need to replace the entire appliance.
It’s easy to take your water heater for granted. But if it does malfunction, trust the professionals at Able Plumbing in Lake Worth. Family-owned and state certified, they’ve been doing business in Palm Beach County since 1980. All work is guaranteed to 100 percent satisfaction. Don’t spend another morning taking a cold shower. Call today.
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