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Options for Green Plumbing in Palm Beach County For Your Home
The eco-revolution is in full swing with everything from electric cars to solar-powered houses. Your plumbing system that brings water in and out of your home each day is no different. With a few adjustments to your current plumbing system, it’s possible to have lower energy and water consumption each time that you use the bathroom or do a load of laundry. For new construction in Lake Worth, FL, plumbing professionals can inspect your current fixtures to determine efficiency (or lack thereof). Call Able Plumbing today to schedule an inspection. What are the green upgrades for your kitchens, bathrooms, and laundry rooms?


Most of the water and electricity use that shows up on an average utilities bill comes from your time in the shower. At two and a half gallons per minute with a typical showerhead, you can very quickly use more water in a single shower than you would for the rest of the entire day. A compressed-air showerhead can help to reduce the amount of hot water used in a shower by 50%, which amounts to thousands of gallons of water conserved in the course of a single year — to say nothing of a much lighter utilities bill each month. A plumber in Lake Worth, FL can assist with keeping your utility bill at a manageable level so call today!

Low-Flow Toilets

Flush a toilet, and anywhere from 5 to 10 gallons of water is sent through the bowl to clean it up and send it through your pipes to a sanitation facility. Toilets are not only the most common fixtures to require repair and maintenance, they’re also guilty of using much more water than is necessary for sanitation. If you believe your current toilet is using too much water, contact the best Palm Beach County plumbing professionals to inspect the fixture and determine whether or not there are leaks coming in or going out. Replacing a standard toilet with a low-flow option can cut down the water usage to about one or two gallons per flush. In addition to using water more efficiently, the low-flow process also makes them much quieter, so that someone can use the bathroom without the entire house knowing about it.
Able Plumbing has years of experience assisting the people of Lake Worth, FL and Palm Beach County with all their plumbing needs. From water heaters to new construction, Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL can do it all so call today!
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