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Palm Beach County Plumbing Guide: Prevent Sink Clogs From The Beginning.
Nothing gets more in the way of our morning ritual then using our sink to find that in a minute it’s overflowing. If your Palm Beach County home has ran into this issue in the past or recently, its time you find out your options. Sink leaks occur due to a combination of reasons. It may be bulk amounts of hair, grease, food and more.

Now for a little bit of chemistry: Hydrophobic and Hydrophilic

Generally speaking, the term hydrophilic is used to describe substances that dissolve in water. For those that don’t dissolve in water, chemistry refers to them as hydrophobic. Substances like organic solvents, grease and oil are hydrophobic. Substances like sugar and salt are hydrophilic. Hydrophobic substances will typically clump together rather than mix with water. This sticky characteristic helps the oils and grease attach itself to the piping and over time additional grease, hair, and food gets trapped and the situation in the sinks pipes worsen. Since water does not remove them and soaps and detergents only combat the process, the accumulation of substances finally clogs the drain.

Hair and Food are more often than not the root of your clog issue.

If your bathroom is used as a barber shop and routine grooming like many are, it is no wonder how and why they bathroom sink seems to always get clogged. In the kitchen many of us clean dishes with light amounts of food on them and this food gathers in the grease deposits existing in the sinks piping and collects regardless of the food size. Every sink has a “U” shaped section of piping and it is at this location where hair, grease, food and who knows what else gathers to create the epic clogs we face several times a year.

Preventing Clogs: Tips from one of the best South Florida Plumbing Service.

We cook and cook and many of us know that cooking grease shouldn’t be tossed down the sink but many of us don’t realize how many things produce cooking grease. When we make a burger the amounts of fat and grease is easily visible but even the leanest meats contain fat and produce grease like chicken and other poultry. Though the liquid substance looks watery and very passable it is just as effective at lining the sinks piping. Grinding up food in the garbage disposal many times releases additional greases from the foods being grinded.
Keeping a container of pipe cleaner from your local home store on hand will help you manage the pipes wear and tear. Dropping a dose in as you use the sink will help break down the substances collecting and if done regularly, clogs can be almost prevented altogether. Pipe snakes sold at your local home stores can also be used regularly to free up pipe debris and prevent major clogs. When all else fails you can rest assured knowing that you have the best Palm Beach County Plumbing service on your side. Next time your sinks pipes clog to the point of no return, contact Able Plumbing based in Lake Worth, Florida, and liberate them from inconvenient clogs.
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