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Surprise Your Dad with an Amazing Father’s Day Gift Courtesy of Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL
Able Plumbing in Lake Worth has a special treat for all of you who are looking for the right gift for your dad this Father’s Day. No, you don’t have to give him a plunger or flushometer water closet and flush valve. You can get him something better, something that will have him saying “Ahhhhhh” as he lays by his swimming pool and sips on a cold glass of iced tea. Have any guesses?

This Father’s Day give your dad a high-quality misting system. A misting system is an outside water system that sprays water gently over individuals or a piece of property. A misting system is great to enjoy, especially on a hot summer day in Florida. If your dad likes to grill burgers on a barbeque, it may be a very nice idea to get a misting system for after the burgers are done and ready to be eaten. Don’t worry, you will not find your dad soaked with water because of the misting system. It will only be little sprays of water. It will be as if a fan is blowing water over your head.

Able Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL has a Father’s Day Special. You can get $50 off a complete misting system now until June 30, 2014. Your dad will be so surprised when he see what you got him for Father’s Day. If you want to really surprise him, tell him that you will be planning a barbeque party on Sunday, June 15, 2014, which is Father’s Day in his backyard. Plan it out well with your mom and other family members. When you are setting up the area with decorations and food, install the misting system just around the edges of the house roof. When your dad comes to the backyard, he will be shocked to see how the misting system works. He will love it.
You can also install a misting system around a swimming pool if you like. It will enhance the total outlook of the pool. It will give it a more elegant look especially if you have LED lights and a well-developed landscape around the pool.

So what are you waiting for? Time is wasting. Get your dad a brand new misting system today. Call or visit Able Plumbing’s Lake Worth location today. Let your dad relax and enjoy his summer days the way a king is supposed to.

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