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Water Heater Repair in Lake Worth, FL

Imagine stepping into your nice hot shower in the morning only to find that it isn’t hot. In fact, it’s ice cold. You turn on the water in the sink and find that the same thing is true there. When you try to run your dishwasher, your dishes don’t get clean enough. Checking, you find that the water has been running cold there as well. It’s time to call for water heater repair in Lake Worth, FL.

Having a water heater repaired is much less costly than buying a new one. With proper repairs, your existing heater can put out hot water for years to come. Getting it repaired properly, however, requires hiring an expert with years of experience.

Able Plumbing in Lake Worth has been in business for three generations. The company is still family-owned and has a full staff to serve you. Its team of expert plumbers in Lake Worth will ensure that your repair is done perfectly. They’ll also take care of any plumbing issues leading to or from your water heater and fix any other problems you have with your pipes.

This company’s staff is courteous and quick. They are happy to answer all of your questions, so you know exactly what’s wrong and what repairs are needed to get everything working again. Since they have a full front office staff along with their expert plumbers, you’ll always be able to get through when you call. Unlike some other companies, you won’t find yourself talking to voice mail or left on hold for ages.

It can be tempting to try to fix your water heater problems yourself, but this can lead to even more problems. Water heaters almost always have fragile glass liners that require extreme care to keep intact. Electric water heaters have elements that can short out and cause a fire if improperly installed. Gas water heaters, of course, can blow up if the fuel supply isn’t properly hooked up. For these reasons and more, it’s best to have a professional do your water heater repair in Lake Worth, FL.

Able Plumbing’s expertise doesn’t stop with water heaters. They can also unclog pipes, repair garbage disposals, clear sewer lines, find water leaks, fix or replace faucets, install or fix water filtration systems and do everything else you’d expect of a proper plumbing company. They can also replace sinks and other common plumbing fixtures. This makes a water heater repair visit a great time to have Able Plumbing fix your other plumbing issues.

If you’re suffering from cold showers and other problems caused by the lack of hot water, give Able Plumbing a call right away. They can fix your water heater whether it runs on electricity, natural gas or LP gas. You’ll love feeling the warmth of hot water again. Make sure to let them know about any leaks or clogs you’re experiencing with your plumbing in Lake Worth, FL, too. In just a few hours, you can have your house’s entire water system working like new again.

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