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When Plumbing Isn’t Do-It-Yourself
It seems like everyone is in a “do it yourself” kind of mood lately. When people dust off their trusty toolbox and delve into the world of home repair, there are a few different scenarios that can occur. The first is the desired result, something gets fixed without having to pay a repair man $100 for 20 minutes of banging around with a wrench. Many times when someone’s home needs a minor repair, it only takes a quick internet search and we’re just as knowledgeable as anyone else. A lot of people have enough skills with the screwdriver to handle most any minor home repairs without having to call in the pros. There is another outcome of a do it yourself project however, and nowhere is this more true than when it comes to plumbing. It’s not uncommon for someone to attempt to fix a leaky pipe or a clogged drain and the next thing they know that slow leak has developed into a geyser and before long the whole kitchen is underwater. Plumbing in Lake Worth, FL shouldn’t be a do it yourself project. It’s always better to call in a professional like those at Able Plumbing.
We’ve all know the guy that thinks he can fix anything. He heads down to the basement with a wrench and a roll of electrical tape thinking that he can stop the slow leaking water heater or reroute water from one pipe to another. The truth is these kinds of amateur repairs can really hurt your home in the long run. Fixing a leaky pipe with tape and bubble gum is going to provide you with temporary relief but it won’t be long before that pipe is leaking all over the place once again. Another major mistake do it yourselfers often make is mixing and matching different materials. You shouldn’t try to connect a copper pipe with one made from galvanized steel for example. Just because they are both pipes doesn’t mean they can automatically work together. People who mismatch and make crazy repairs often find that they’ve constructed a sort of Frankenstein piping system which will be a cause for concern if you ever try to sell your home. Potential buyers will be repelled when they see the mess you’ve got going on with the plumbing.
There are a few plumbing projects which can be do it yourself, but for the most part it helps in the long run to have your plumbing in Lake Worth, FL cared for by an experienced professional like those at Able Plumbing.
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